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A unique combination of our packet optical transport and broadband access products with our innovative SDN platform SOO Network to offer an unprecedented automation and flexibility with improved bandwidth efficiency and strong carrier-grade features.


SDN/NFV Solution Overview

SDN (Software Defined Networking) technology revolutionizes the way that service providers operate and meet rapidly evolving requirements of their customers. The rapid growth of mobile and cloud services, media streaming and social networking, as well as fast emergence of new applications and services, sets new requirements not only for ever-increasing network capacity, but makes it essential for operators to be able to adapt their telecom infrastructure and respond very fast to changing environment.  UTStarcom’s SOO  Network (Software-defined Open packet Optical) solution answers the needs of telecom operators for the next generation intelligent network, helping them to reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses, while enhancing overall network performance, availability and bandwidth efficiency and improving the customer experience. 

UTStarcom’s Software-defined Open Packet Optical (SOO) Platform is designed with several major concepts in mind:

  • Decoupling of the control plane from the data plane, leading to virtualization of underlying network infrastructure (NFV).
  • Optimized centralized automated network operation through orchestration of virtualized network resources utilizing network-wide knowledge of a network topology, available resources and a network and elements status updated online. 
  • Availability of open API to SOO Platform’s Control Layer. 

As a result, customers and operators turn over from the bottom of the network hierarchy to the top by gaining unprecedented programmability, automation, and network control, which enable them to build highly scalable, flexible networks that readily adapt to changing business needs.

The solution consist of 3 major parts:

SOO Station

A distributed hierarchical SDN Controller provides a reliable solution for orchestration of abstracted underlying physical network resources, and management of open APIs for vertical integration of applications.

SOO Applications

A set of native SOO and 3rd party applications designed to help carriers to optimize and automate network operation, and address customers needs with interactive customer-specific applications. 

SDN-ized Network Infrastructure

 UTStarcom’s SDN-ized optical transport network infrastructure combining carrier-grade features of optical packet transport with all benefits of SOO SDN Technology. 

UTStarcom SDN solution could be deployed without changes on the existing devices in the infrastructure, e.g., Packet Transport Network (PTN), Multi-Services Access Network (MSAN) and wireless Access Points (AP) and Access Controller (AC), etc. It supports multi-technologies and products integration from multi-vendors, even ranged from wire-line to wireless, from traffic access to data center, from legacy network to new SDN device, from topology management to service provisioning.


UTStarcom’s implementation of SDN brings a number of benefits to network operators and their customers:

  • Automated operation, e2e service provisioning
  • Rapid services activation and management
  • Faster introduction of value-added services and new business models
  • Better network utilization efficiency on global scale
  • High level of scalability and flexibility
  • Higher services availability
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced TCO
  • Interoperability and multi-vendor support
SDN Solution Introduction
SOO Network
Brochure: SOO Network
Brochure: SDN Enabled Network Infrastructure