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'Eco-Friendly' represents M/s UTSTARCOM INDIA TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED stand  on environmental management and the promise  to continuously flourish  for the greener tomorrow through world class  global environment technologies and the institution’s  unique strengths in manufacturing.
We consider reducing our negative impact on the environment as one of our foremost management goals. Our business activities attain this through technology and action. Supporting these efforts is a culture that motivates each M/S E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA group employee to voraciously contribute positive results and create real improvements in products, systems and services and recycling.
The progressive improvement of our products and services focuses on size and weight reduction, high performance, resource saving and energy efficiency. There is a popular saying with the corporate statement, "Changes for the Better" which result reflects our endless drive to proactively seek out and enact improvement.
'Eco-Friendly' also designates the efforts to unite forces with customers to impact the global environment for the better. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of people's live while leaving positive footprint to the environment.

E-WASTE Management Program

Under the new guidelines of the Central Government of India, E-WASTE (Management) Rules 2016 have been notified. M/s UTSTARCOM INDIA TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED (Company) as an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) stands firm to implement new E-WASTE (Management) Rules 2016 and compliance thereof. E-WASTE has been defined as:
"Waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part discarded as waste by the Consumer as well as rejects from their manufacturing, refurbishment and repair processes".
Managing of E-WASTE is of utmost importance as it consists of toxic substances which can bring adverse results to the environment as well as mankind. By scientific disposal of E-WASTE we can conserve our environment and also avert its potential negative effects on human health. E-WASTE can also be thought of as a resource that consists of useful material of economic benefit for recovery of plastics, iron, glass, aluminium, copper and valuable metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium and lead, cadmium, mercury etc.

Collection Storage and Disposal of E-WASTE

To facilitate & ease our Customers to dispose of E-WASTE products, Dealers / Distributors / Customers can get all details of company process on gathering  & disposal of E-WASTE product (i.e. ‘M/s M/s UTSTARCOM INDIA TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED’ supplier of Mainframe computers, laptops user terminals, personal computers, Refrigerator, Telephones and its parts/spare parts.) on Company website and / or Toll free number 1800-572-9720.
Process of collection, channelization, storage & recycling of Electronic waste
The company has tied-up with Govt. authorized E-WASTE recycler namely M/S E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA for facilitating the customers on PAN India Basis to gather  E-WASTE product of the organisation  through OM LOGISTICS LTD. corporate office at 130, Ring Road, Transport Centre (Near Punjabi Bagh Flyover), New Delhi-110035- India (list of availability and approach of Om Logistics PAN India is attached).
(UTSTARCOM INDIA TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED’ importer of Mainframe computers, laptops user terminals, personal computers, Refrigerator, Telephones and its parts/spare parts.) will schedule  to collect E-Waste from any location within India.
For this purpose, Customer shall follow the following process:
Customers/retailers/consumers place their request on Toll free number 1800-572-9720 to collect E-Waste which was sold by ‘UTSTARCOM INDIA TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED’. Against which request ID with customer and company details is generated to Customers/retailers/consumers. The unique generated ID will be shared with Recycler i.e. M/s E-Waste Recyclers India. Now recycler will take care of collection, movement  of E-Waste from customer to his own premise by Om Logistics Ltd. service in protected  and sound transportation means. The Company will not obliged and accede the request of any Customer for collection of other Companies which supply Mainframe computers, laptops user terminals, personal computers, Refrigerator, Telephones and its parts/spare parts as E-WASTE.
  • M/S E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA shall schedule to collect the E-WASTE from the Customer designated location through its transporter within the given time.
  • After collection from specified location, M/S E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA shall store the E-WASTE at local warehouse as per availability of warehouse and quantity of E-Waste. After that the collected E-Waste will be moved to main warehouse through a structured process & system.
  • After dismantling, M/S E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA shall issue the acknowledgment of collection of E-waste to the Customer.

Details of incentive scheme for returning of E-WASTE by consumers

Customers can get the incentive schemes for returning of E-Waste as per available incentive scheme at that session  of time which will be mentioned  on company’s website.

Customer can get location/ state/ area details by visiting our website

E-WASTE Management Helplines

‘UTSTARCOM INDIA TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED’ Helpline Toll free number 1800-572-9720.

Do's & Dont's of E-WASTE Recycling



Give the discarded Electronic Equipment only at the authorized collection centers so that the same can be properly recycled

Don’t dump the discarded Electronic Equipment in open or in any Land Fill Site as the same will result in polluting  the  Soil and the ground water

Tell your neighbours and other persons about the adverse effects  of improper disposal or handling or improper recycling of the Electronic Waste

Don’t dispose of the discarded Electronic Equipment in household bins, Municipal Bins or mix into household garbage stream.

Drop the discarded Electronic Equipment only in the bins meant for the Electronic Waste

Don’t sell or give your discarded Electronic Equipment to any Trash Dealer or Kabadiwala

Ask the retailer about the Take Back schemes

To reduce  our effect  on the earth and to protect the environment for future generations dispose  your discarded Electronic Equipment here for safe recycling:

Consult the authorized service centre as to whether the Electronic Equipment can be repaired or not, before discarding the same

Recycling Electronic Equipment helps to protect  natural finite resources and also minimise  the environmental and health risks related  with improper handling/disposing the Electronic Waste

If the unwanted Electronic Equipment still work or can be repaired then think of  donating them

The product should not be opened by the User himself/herself, but only by designated  service personnel.

Hazards of improper handling and/or improper recycling of electronic waste

Electronic equipment consists of many toxic metallic contaminants such as lead, cadmium, and beryllium and brominates flame-retardants. The improper handling and/or improper recycling of the Electronic Waste contributes in these toxic  metals/substances getting discharged  into our eco and biological system, thereby leading to various health hazards.

The toxic  contents in the electronic equipment consists of:

  • Lead
  • Brominated Flame Retardants
  • Chromium
  • Mercury
  • Beryllium
  • Cadmium
  • Barium
  • Carbon Black
  • Phosphor

Improper recycling, of these hazardous components will end up in land fill - poisoning the soil and water.
Under the E-WASTE (Management) Rules, 2016, it is important for the E-WASTE to be properly manoeuvred till the stage of its recycling and final disposal. Hence, it is crucial that the electrical and electronic equipment that are rendered useless on account of the end of its life or any accidental breakage or damage, is disposed of in a manner that is not inimical to the preservation of the environment and does not cause any health hazard to any living beings. With a view to achieve  this goal , irrefutable  responsibilities have to be undertaken  by all the concerned stakeholders including the producer, dealer, dismantler, recycler and also the consumer, involved in the production, use and disposal of the electronic equipment.
Kindly be aware that you are a responsible consumer under the E-WASTE rules. Kindly take note of the symbol below which mentions that you should not dump any of the electrical and electronic equipment including air-conditioners in garbage bins, neither should you dispose of the same through any scrap dealers.
There is need to motivate recycling of all useful and valuable material from E-WASTE so as to protect the ever exhausting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life products is of utmost importance if we are to conserve resources and minimize waste.

Negative impacts of improper disposal of E-WASTE product:

  • Oil & Gases which is present is some of E-WASTE like compressor and CRT causes environment pollution.
  • Hazardous chemicals present in E-WASTE get mixed with earth, air, water etc and causes health issues.
  • Burning of rubber & Plastic in open area causes air pollution.
  • Bad effect on human being, animal, and other animates.
  • Wastage of natural resources.

Distributors / customers are advised to strictly follow to the guidelines as per E-WASTE rules as any failure or contravention will attract penal action under Environment (Protection) Act 1986, which provides for imprisonment up to 5 years or with fine up to Rs. 1 Lac or both.
This initiative is the step closer to  a cleaner and greener earth. This movement is one of the ways to exhibit that we are concerned and thus we urge all our customers to join this movement to make it successful by way of contributing their end-of-life product
The E-WASTE product should be handed over only to authorized recycler for disposal. In this regard, UTstar has tied-up with an authorized E-WASTE recycler namely M/S E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIA for facilitating our customers on PAN India Basis to help them to dispose of E-WASTE products after its end-of-life. Recycler have agreement with logistics service company name is Om Logistics Ltd.


  • The service is available as per conditions applicable in the respective area by recyclers.
  • This scheme is applicable only for collection of e-waste ’’ Mainframe computers, laptops, user terminals, personal computers, Refrigerator, Telephones and its parts/spare parts.


(a) We have collection mechanism for E-Waste in PAN India through logistics partners (Om Logistics Ltd.) which has agreement with our recycler, M/s E-Waste Recyclers India  (List of availability and approach of Om Logistics Ltd. in PAN India has been enclosed)
(b) Collection centers of Om Logistics Ltd. will work as the collection centers of UTstarcom India Telecom Private Limited in PAN India.
(c) For collection of E-Waste; we opt below mentioned mechanism to collect E-waste.
   I. E-Waste Plan is uploaded on UTstarcom’s website; consumers, customers, retailers etc. can get the information  from the website regarding collection centers. UTstarcom will also educate the consumers, customers, retailers etc that where they can return/drop/submit the adolescent electronic equipments.
   II. If customer/retailers/consumers call to dedicated Toll Free Number then a request (with full details) to collect E-Waste is lodged on company’s system
   III. Once it is committed  that consumers/retailers/customers want to return adolescent electronic equipment then it is being guided  to return/submit the product to nearest collection centers.
   IV. If consumers, customers, retailers don’t want to drop the product to nearby collection centers then address is noted down and then that address is being shared with M/s E-Waste Recyclers India to collect the product from doorstep.
   V. M/s E-Waste Recyclers India arranges to collect the product from doorstep of consumers/customers/ retailers by its logistic partner Om Logistics Ltd.
   VI. Om Logistics Ltd. collects electronic waste from doorstep of consumers/customers/ retailers in safe and environmentally sound means.
(d) Customer’s awareness programs can be done by sending e-mail, providing pamphlets and booklets, and by video conferencing to consumers/customers/ retailers.
(e) Pick up by collection agency from the consumers/customers/ retailers.
(f) Move the collected appliances/equipments to recycling by reverse logistics.
(g) We will provide consumers, customers, retailers following details of E-waste collection
Link of our web site
Toll free number 1800-572-9720 will be available during working hours
Dedicated toll free number which can give awareness and uniform information of dissemination to consumers, customers, retailers about our collection procedure of E-waste.
Address and contact numbers of consumers, customers, retailers who want to return back, drop electronic waste will be shared with our Recycler M/s E-Recyclers Pvt. Ltd. so that M/s E-Waste Recyclers India can easily reach  to that destination by its logistic partner for E-Waste collection.
There is a structured channelization of E-waste from Consumer to dismantler/recyclers with the help of reverse logistic partner.

List of Collection Centres

Please click this button to see the full list of collection centers.