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The SyncRing product family provides an optimal integrated solution for various applications that require precise frequency, phase and time synchronization over packet-switched networks. The product family includes indoor/outdoor grand masters and a boundary clock switch. The solution components are centrally managed by the Company’s proven OMC-O NMS network management platform.


SyncRing XGM30

The newest SyncRing XGM30 Grand Master offers very high timing accuracy suitable not only for LTE-A but also 5G-ready offering accuracy as high as ±40ns. The product is PTP IEEE 1588-2008 standard compliant with support of ITU-T frequency and phase/time profiles. It also supports Synchronous Ethernet output for accurate frequency synchronization.

The XGM30 uses concurrent multi-GNSS multi-frequency reception and processing to achieve highly improved accuracy, provide interference mitigation and spoofing protection. The product supports a number of different GNSS systems including GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo, QZSS with simultaneous reception of up to 4 GNSS systems and up to 72 channels. At the same time, in order to provide highest availability, the XGM30 can work with as few as a single satellite sufficient to enable reliable timing.

The XGM30 is a robust IP65 compliant device designed for outdoor applications. The device supports a number of management options including mobile app and web-based for deployment simplification and flexibility.

The XGM30 is optimally deployed in distributed clocking scenario combined with our SyncRing XBC Series Boundary Clocks that supports both IEEE1588v2 and SyncE and provide on-path sync support in order to maximize synchronization accuracy of signal delivered to end applications. The use of the same OMC-O NMS platform for XBC and XGM devices provide additional operational advantages.


  • High-precision synchronization
  • GNSS timing source
  • Concurrent multi-GNSS multi-frequency
  • Minimum 1 satellite for accurate clock
  • High stability DOCXO
  • Full support of IEEE1588V2
  • G.8265.1  frequency delivery profile
  • G.8275.1/2 phase/time delivery profile
  • L2 Multicast, L3 Unicast 
  • Synchronous Ethernet per ITU-T G.826x
  • Compact outdoor enclosure
  • Easy installation
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