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Packet Optical Transport - UTStarcom

Converged Packet Transport

A cutting-edge networking solution that combines benefits of the advanced Segment Routing and FlexE technologies, highly accurate time synchronization, and flexible software-centric nature of SDN-based control to create an efficient future-proof platform that is able to meet requirement of the most demanding applications such as 5G providing high capacity and excellent scalability, hard and soft network slicing, extra low latency forwarding, very high synchronization accuracy and much more. The Converged Packet Transport is implemented as the SkyFlux product line coupled with SOO Station SDN Controller


SOO Station R.3.2

The SkyFlux platform is tightly coupled with UTStarcom’s centralized SDN controller SOO Station that provides intelligent orchestration of underlying network resources based on global network view and knowledge about current and historical network states. As an integral part of the SkyFlux solution, the SOO Station controller enables support of intelligent SLA-aware routing based on centralized PCE, E2E service provisioning, network slicing, traffic engineering, dynamic bandwidth adjustment, automated service reconfiguration with support of service cutover, automatic service recovery. The controller’s extended automation features facilitate quick and effortless network deployment, operation and maintenance of SkyFlux network. The SOO Station controller uses multiple mechanisms available in SkyFlux nodes to collect real-time network performance data and network statistics, and performs analysis for intelligent policy and TE decisions, as well as for overall network performance optimization.

The SOO Station controller is built on the foundation of open-source SW platform OpenDaylight, and provides support of various Northbound Interfaces (NBI) including NetConf/YANG, PCEP, BGP-LS, Qx. The platform provides open and programmable environment that enables operators to build highly scalable, flexible networks that are easy to adapt to changing business needs.

  • Path Computation Engine (PCE) based on multi-dimensional service level agreement (SLA)
  • Topology Management including automatic network resources discovery, and real-time topology discovery and updating.
  • Automatic Service Provisioning
  • Automatic Service Recovery and Optimization with support of tunnel selection and re-optimization of the path for a tunnel.
  • Network Slicing with use of vNet
  • Automatic service cutover
  • E2E alarm, event and performance management
  • Comprehensive service and NE diagnostics and operation
Network Architecture
Data Sheet: SOO Station SDN Controller
Brochure: SkyFlux Converged Packet Transport