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Broadband Wireless Access

A range of broadband wireless access solutions including a complete solution for a managed wireless access network based on Wi-Fi technology. The portfolio includes hardware- and cloud-based Wireless Access Controllers, Wireless Marketing solution for advanced O2O services, a range of high-performance indoor and outdoor Access Points.



MSG series products are carrier-grade Wireless Access Controllers that combine routing, switching, WLAN Gateway and Access Controller functionality into a unified high-performance system. The products provide centralized control and configuration of Access Points, load balancing, roaming, RF control and many other functions. This approach with all-in-one integrated system helps to optimize TCO related to network deployment and operation.

The MSG1200 is a compact carrier grade Wireless Access Controller that supports up to 6,400 clients, and 200 access points (APs) on an easy-to-use platform.

The Controller offers impressive feature set that helps to simplify deployment and operation of a wireless network, and to optimize capital expenditures. The product supports RF Management, Load Balancing, Roaming, various authentication mechanisms, built-in portal server for web authentication, and other features. To further enhance system flexibility, the product supports both central and local forwarding, as well as flexible data forwarding, when an AP can determine whether to forward all data via an AC, or to send it directly to a wired network based on Service Set ID (SSID) and user VLAN.

With its advanced controller virtualization technology, the MSG1200 allow operators to create a Virtualized AC that include 2 controllers for load balancing, protection and simple system management.

The MSG1200 is compatible with wide range of UTStarcom’s wireless access points.

  • Up to 200 APs and 6400 clients
  • Advanced wireless radio management 
  • Seamless L2/L3 roaming
  • Local authentication
  • Built-in portal server for web authentication
  • Virtual controller technology for increased flexibility and resiliency
  • User data encryption
  • Compact size


Network Architecture
MSG1200 Data Sheet