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Broadband Wireless Access

A range of broadband wireless access solutions including a complete solution for a managed wireless access network based on Wi-Fi technology. The portfolio includes hardware- and cloud-based Wireless Access Controllers, Wireless Marketing solution for advanced O2O services, a range of high-performance indoor and outdoor Access Points.



UTStarcom’s MSC-C Cloud-based Wireless Access Controller is a cloud-based wireless network management platform designed for efficient and simple deployment and operation of Wi-Fi networks in chain stores, small and medium businesses, enterprise branches, network operators and other similar customers.

The MSC-C product offers a complete solution for cloud-based wireless management. The MSC-C supports device planning, configuration, control, as well as operation and maintenance functions implemented in the cloud. The platform significantly reduces TCO while ensuring high usability and improved user experience of Wi-Fi network. The MSC-C platform implements ‘loose’ coupling between AC and AP to completely separate management and data traffic for better flexibility of wireless network. At the same time, combined with UTStarcom’s access points, the MSC-C not only provides efficient AP management, but also provides WLAN control features traditionally available with hardware-based AC only. The MSC-C cloud platform supports such sophisticated wireless control features as auto power and channel adjustment, RF management and optimization, L2/L3 roaming and others.

  • Centralized cloud-based architecture for simple and secure WLAN management
  • Intuitive GUI, templates, dashboards for improved planning, deployment and operation efficiency
  • Easy scalability to tens of thousands of APs and more
  • Flexible system and WLAN management
  • Rich monitoring capabilities
  • Wireless control features including L2/L3 roaming
Network Architecture
MSC-C Data Sheet