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Executive Office

UTStarcom is led by a dynamic and experienced team with extensive global business expertise and a successful commercial track record.  Our management team is focused on executing an aggressive growth strategy designed to ensure UTStarcom is a top-tier telecommunications infrastructure provider with a globally competitive product portfolio able to do business in multiple key markets around the world.

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Tim Ti
CEO & Director

Mr. Ti has served as our Chief Executive Officer since January 2016, and as a director of the Board of Directors since November 2016. Mr. Ti brings more than twenty years of business and management expertise to the Company. He previously served as the CEO of Virtual Gateway Labs, Inc., a subsidiary of UTStarcom. Prior to that, Mr. Ti served various roles at UTStarcom, including Senior Vice-President of Advanced Network Architecture Technologies, Senior Vice-President of Research & Development, and General Manager of the Broadband Business Unit. Before joining UTStarcom, Mr. Ti was the Director of Application & Marketing of Advanced Communication Devices Corporation, which was acquired by UTStarcom in 2001. He received a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University in 1993.

Zhaochen Huang

Dr. Zhaochen Huang has served as our Chief Operating Officer since January 2016. Dr. Huang brings more than twenty-five years of business and management expertise to the Company. He previously served as the Vice-President, Global Operations, at UTStarcom and General Manager of UTStarcom India. Prior to that, Dr. Huang served various positions at Soliton Systems, K.K. including General Manager of Soliton Systems Inc., USA and VP of Research and Development of Soliton Systems Shanghai. Prior to that, Dr. Huang served at SECOM Co., LTD. and Nanjing Institute of Solid Device. He received his doctorate degree of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. 

Eric Lam
Vice President of Finance

Mr. Eric Lam has nearly forty years of business experience in technology and finance. Mr. Lam has served as Vice President of Finance since November 2016. He previously served as a special advisor to Shanghai Phicomm Communications.  Prior to that, he served at UTStarcom for eight years in a variety of senior roles.  Mr. Lam was educated in the United States, with a B.A. from Tufts University and an M.B.A. from Columbia Graduate Business School.  He has worked in the U.S., the Philippines and Hong Kong in various senior management roles with several multinational and start-up companies.

Steven Chen
Senior Vice President of Product & Technology

Steven Chen has more than 20 years experience in telecom area. Mr. Chen currently serves as Senior Vice President of Product & Technology and has led the function since May 2016. Previously he served various management roles in product management, marketing and R&D. Before joining UTStarcom in 2003, Mr. Chen served as leader of product marketing and technical at Hangzhou ECI Telecommunication Co. Ltd. He received an MBA degree from Zhejiang University in 2009 and a Bachelor of System Engineering from Xiamen University in 1995.

Guoqi Jiang
Vice President of Manufacturing

Mr. Guoqi Jiang has more than twenty years of manufacturing management experience. Mr. Jiang served as our Vice President of Manufacturing since October 2016.  He joined the company in April 2008, in charge of manufacturing management and served as Manufacturing Senior Director since March 2011. Previously, he had worked in Tian Jin Automatic Instruments Company as manufacturing undersecretary from 1990 to 1994, and worked in Motorola for more than 10 years as production and logistic manager. He graduated from Tianjin University in June 1990. He received a Bachelor degree in Industrial Automatic Instrument and a Bachelor degree in Enterprise Management.

Ellen Chen
Vice President of Global Human Resource & Administration

Ms. Ellen Chen has more than twenty years of management experiences in HR and Administration area. Ms. Chen served as Vice President of Global Human Resource and Administration since January 2015 and led the Global HRA function since the beginning of 2014. Previously, Ellen has served at UTStarcom for about 12 years in senior HR management roles. Before joining UTStarcom, Ellen served as Director of HRA at Zhong Li Telecommunication & Technology Group and held various management roles at Jiale Software and Swiss Band Automatic System Engineering Co., Ltd., including managing functions of HR, Administration, IT & Marketing & Finance. Ellen received a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai University in 1993 and the qualification certifications of Human Resources Professional (HRP) and Engineer.