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Broadband Network Core

Advanced network core products designed with focus on user experience helping operators to provide a number of services to their end customers, as well as to monetize their broadband network infrastructure.



The iSG6400, the SSTP product by UTStarcom, is a new generation large-capacity signaling gateway product. The iSG6400 serves as the signaling translation device for interconnection between the IP network and the conventional PSTN/PLMN network. the iSG6400 primarily implements translation, adaptation and distribution functionality for SIGTRAN and SS7 signaling messages on the bottom layer, and the translation, adaptation and distribution functionality for M3UA-based SIGTRAN signaling, M2UA-based SIGTRAN signaling and Diameter signaling.

The iSG6400 features the chassis cascade design. It can hold up to eight chassis as needed. Each chassis can accommodate multiple function boards which communicate with each other through the IP bus. The chassis is interconnected with the peripheral devices over IP LAN.

  • Flexible hardware and software platforms
  • Carrier-class high availability
  • Powerful system functions
  • MTP message screening
  • Number portability
  • Diameter signaling controller
  • Convenient graphical network management
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