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Wireless Bridge Solution

An end-to-end wireless bridge solution for quick and cost-efficient expansion of wireless network coverage and capacity.


Access to Internet and broadband services undeniably became a necessity and a critical enabler for dynamic economic and social development. Efficient means of delivering modern telecommunication services may make a real difference. The UTStarcom’s end-to-end Wireless Bridge solution provides an excellent platform to enable operators quickly and cost-efficiently expand their network coverage and capacity. With its intelligent cloud-based and hardware-based wireless network control capabilities, variety of base stations to meet requirements of different application scenarios, rich feature set and high performance, the platform enables quick access to broadband data services in a variety of use cases such as last mile connectivity in rural and underserved areas, highway monitoring and coverage, wireless coverage in campus, wireless monitoring and surveillance and many others scenarios where reliable wireless high-speed data connectivity is needed. 


Wireless Bridge Solution Benefits

  • End-to-end product portfolio
  • Coud-based and hardware Wireless Access Controller
  • Wide range of bridge stations and CPE
  • PtP and PtMP coverage
  • IntelliTRX & IntelliTRX+ technology for optimized outdoor PtP and PtMP transmission
  • Good performance in the congested environment
  • Easy to configure and deploy
Network Architecture