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Packet optical transport - UTStarcom


A highly scalable, agile and intelligent metro transport network based on the next generation HW and SW architecture of PTN. The product line offers support of up to 100GE interfaces, SDN-based automation features and advanced services, as well as a broad range of carrier-class features including network-wide time/clock synchronization, carrier class sub 50ms recovery resiliency, guaranteed QoS and SLA enforcement, end-to-end multi-layer OAM. The product line includes a complete line of network elements from access and edge to metro core high-performance devices.



TN725/E is a MPLS-TP based Aggregation device with full duplex redundant 108G/176G switching fabric. TN725/E features modular architecture and supports redundancy for all critical modules, offering a true carrier class aggregation solution. TN725/E provides a wide range of client interfaces and high capacity network interfaces for optimized capital expenditures and highest flexibility.  Available in a 7U form factor, the TN725/E offers E1/T1, STM-1 (ATM, CES, POS), FE, GE, 10GE, STM-16 POS and STM-64 POS interfaces.

  • 10GE/GE/FE, STM-1, STM-16, STM-64, E1/T1 interfaces
  • Multi service support: E-LINE, E-TREE and E-LAN, CEP, SAToP, ATM over MPLS services
  • 108 / 176 Gbps Full-Duplex Switching Fabric
  • MPLS-TP based
  • VPLS/H-VPLS support
  • Quality of service
  • Multiple OAM options
  • Flexible network protection schemes and hardware redundancy
  • Multiple synchronization options including IEEE 1588V2 support
  • Unified element and network  management
  • Modular carrier class design
Network Architecture
Product Pictures
Data Sheet: NetRing TN725
Data Sheet: NetRing TN725E
Brochure: Packet Optical Transport Solution
White Paper: MPLS-TP based Packet Transport Networks